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Changes to Dining Plans in Senior Housing [Gray Area of the Law]

September 01, 2020

Senior Associate Hallie Fisher discusses how food delivery and technology will affect dining at senior living facilities. 

Baby Boomers will be the next generation to enter independent and assisted living facilities, and those who move by choice will be discerning when it comes to choosing a facility. It’s no secret that the pandemic has highlighted the ways that technology enhances our lives, and even if there comes a time when we are not as reliant on technology as we are now, it’s likely that we have become accustomed to the technology that makes our lives more convenient, and will continue using it even when we do not have to. [...]

This is an excerpt from a blog post originally written on Gray Area of the Law. To read the entire post, click here.

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Hallie Fisher focuses her practice on  real estate transactions, including leasing, financing and development.

Hallie excels in helping clients figure out the nuances of how a large property operates from a title perspective, and she assists her clients with all aspects of commercial real estate, including the acquisition, disposition, financing, leasing and management of commercial real estate.

The assets Hallie works with the most are restaurants, shopping centers, industrial parks, senior living facilities, and hospitality and leisure assets.

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