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Shared Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis

March 24, 2020

By: Derren Ciaglia & Terry Young 

On March 24, 2020, the Ninth Judicial Circuit entered an Emergency Temporary Standing Administrative Order Re: Parenting in Domestic Relations Cases, Orange & Osceola Counties, which provides pertinent information regarding time-sharing and shared parenting procedures in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19),  as well as information pertaining to domestic relations court proceedings.

If you are currently involved in an existing or newly filed domestic relations matter involving minor children, read the Emergency Temporary Standing Administrative Order to see how to engage in time-sharing in light of school closures and in the event a “shelter-in-place” mandate is issued.

A few highlights of the order are as follows:

  • Continue to adhere to all court orders (including final and temporary orders) regarding parental responsibility and time-sharing;

  • Regular time-sharing as set forth in any Parenting Plan shall continue until the date the School District announces the last day of school at which time summer time-sharing begins;

  • Time-sharing exchanges at a school or daycare that is not currently open should be arranged between the parents in writing and if they cannot agree, the exchanges shall take place at the police station or sheriff’s office located closest to the school or daycare;

  • In the event a “shelter in place” is issued, the parties are to discuss where the child(ren) are in the best position to meet the requirements of their school, remain with siblings if possible, and be safe. If the parties cannot agree, the parent with majority time-sharing shall keep the child(ren) until the “shelter in place” is lifted or a court order entered; and

  • Video-conferencing/phone contact shall be honored as set forth in the parties’ Parenting Plan and should be increased to “regular and consistent contact” to alleviate fears and concerns of the children. 

For up-to-date news please follow our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Team page.

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Derren K. Ciaglia is a senior associate in the Family and Marital Law practice.

Derren devotes her practice to family law matters including divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, paternity matters and family law litigation involving complex financial and parenting issues. She is trained in the interdisciplinary model of collaborative family law.


Terry Young has tried over 50 jury trials to verdict and more than 200 non-jury trials. He has more than 30 years of experience – in local, state and Federal courts – ranging from disputes over United States presidential elections to multi-national “bet-the-company” litigation, from high profile divorces to multi-million-dollar personal injury cases, from complex contract disputes to first amendment defenses.

Whether a public persona or a private family, a major corporation or a fledgling new venture, Terry represents both plaintiffs and defendants, from counseling through trial and appeal. While Terry advocates on behalf of his clients in court, he is a firm believer in dispute resolution whenever appropriate. Most importantly, whether in arbitration, mediation, divorce, or trial, or negotiating a private settlement, he has the utmost regard for clients’ confidentiality, privacy and ultimate objectives.

Sometimes those objectives are to minimize costs – even in the case of a high-profile divorce. Terry has represented a number of public figures in family law matters.

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