Modifying Alimony or Child Support Due to COVID-19 Unemployment

  • March 31, 2020
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By: Derren Ciaglia & Terry Young 

If you have been furloughed, laid off, or otherwise had a change in income due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), it may affect your ability to meet your alimony and child support obligations. Here is what you need to know if you are currently making court-ordered alimony or child support payments:

  • In Florida, alimony and child support can be modified when the circumstances or the financial ability of either party changes. The change must be significant, material, involuntary and permanent in nature. Many individuals are experiencing significant changes in circumstances or the financial ability to meet alimony and/or child support obligations due to being furloughed, laid off, or experiencing other decreases in income as a result of COVID-19 and its impact on the economy.  

  • If you have experienced a change in circumstances or financial ability such that you are unable to meet your alimony and/or child support obligations, you may be able to reduce your obligation by filing a petition for modification with the court.

  • It is important to not delay the filing of a modification petition because the court has the authority to modify your alimony or child support obligation retroactive to the date of filing of the petition for modification. 

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