Tara Tedrow Comments on Landlords and Evictions in the Wake of Coronavirus

  • March 27, 2020
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Shareholder Tara Tedrow was quoted in an Orlando Business Journal article describing how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting retailers, landlords, and lenders. With some tenants are already indicating that they won’t be able to make their lease payments, Tedrow explained that many of the payment failures will end up in court since landlords may not be able to pay their own mortgage if tenants default. However, given the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, timelines for legal addressing evictions are unknown.

"With court closures — and certain law enforcement offices temporarily suspending eviction activities — landlords could face an uphill battle on evicting tenants in default of their lease," Tedrow said.

Read the article: 'We Don't Know:' Retailers, Landlords Navigate Coronavirus Confusion (Subscription required) 

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