An Update to Clients from the CEO: Planning for Reopening

  • May 8, 2020
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Hello again to our clients, friends and community partners!

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Since my last post a month ago, several states – including Florida – have begun the process of reopening. All of us want to resume our in-person business operations as soon as possible; however, it would be unwise to do so without a well-thought-out plan.

Undoubtedly, like us, your highest priority is the health and safety of your employees and community. Health authorities have identified a number of minimum standards that need to be in place to return to in-office operations in advance of the development of a vaccine. Even so, you may still have employees for whom a return to the office is not possible because of personal health concerns or restricted travel. If you missed our webinar on “Mitigating Employment Risks of Reopening” you can download the slide deck here or view/listen to the recording here. We are happy to assist you as you develop your return-to-work plans.

In addition, if you have taken advantage of any of the federal assistance programs, you must adhere to certain protocols to maintain your status within those programs. We will endeavor to keep you up to date and provide helpful coronavirus resources so you know what to do, how to best prepare to reopen, and the myriad other things to consider, including how to comply with the many changing rules, regulations, guidances, and laws.

Know that we are here to help you get through this tough time. Regardless of where we are working, we are working with and for you.

Let me close by extending a very special thank-you to all of our loyal clients and friends. Your positive feedback on our webinars, the many email communications that we have flooded your in-boxes with, and our COVID-19 Resource Center in general has provided encouragement to everyone at Lowndes who has been working hard to serve you. We are truly grateful for your continued support and trust in us.

Stay safe and be well!


William T. Dymond, Jr.
CEO & President

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