Drew Sorrell Comments on Landlord Liability During COVID-19

  • July 1, 2020
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Lowndes Shareholder Drew Sorrell was quoted in an Orlando Business Journal article published on June 30, 2020, discussing liability concerns for residential and commercial landlords during the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that commercial landlords may be responsible for restrooms and air conditioners, which may open them to liability. They can lessen their liability by following health agency guidelines. 

"If, on the other hand, a commercial landlord or lessee is unwilling or simply unable for some reason to follow that guidance and chooses to open anyway, then there is a pretty good case for liability — assuming the case can be proved," Sorrell said. 

Read the article: Are Landlords Liable for Recycled Air & Toilet Plume? Attorneys Weigh In (subscription required)

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