Give Me Shelter: The Ethics of Out-of-State Lawyering

  • April 1, 2015
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By: Gary Kaleita, Alex Dobrev & Adam Lewis

Many Florida real estate lawyers have no doubt dealt with out-of-state clients and attorneys that are involved in buying and selling real property located in Florida. Moreover, in the contemporary legal milieu, using out-of-state real property as collateral for a loan is an increasingly common practice. As such, real property located in Florida may be used as collateral for loans that otherwise may have little connection to the state of Florida. Given that Florida is a haven for real estate investment (e.g. condominiums, timeshare and seasonal homes), out-ofstate investors routinely buy and sell Florida real property, and their out-of-state attorneys often represent them in these transactions. Of course, whether via investing or estate planning, Florida attorneys also represent clients in transactions that involve out-of-state property.

Give Me Shelter: The Ethics of Out-of-State Lawyering

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