Good News! City of Orlando Permitting Process May Get Easier

  • July 24, 2017
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The City of Orlando, in partnership with KPMG, hosted a Permitting and Development Forum to discuss enhancements of the current review process. The forum, which took place on June 1 in the City Council Chambers, provided insight into how the City of Orlando Permitting Division can better assist clients to move development projects forward. There were several immediate action items resulting from the forum which we have highlighted below for your review. *

  • With the launch of “Permitting Express,” a new initiative beginning later this year, the City of Orlando will help to more easily navigate small projects through the permitting and development review process. The program will eliminate barriers, simplify the development review process and enable customers to work  in a quicker manner to complete projects from permit application through inspection. Traci Parker Elliott has been appointed to oversee this program.
  • The City is also moving forward with implementing a number of additional improvements, including:
    • The City has lifted the $10,000 limit on credit card transactions for permit and inspections fees.
    • Later this year, customers will have the opportunity to establish escrow accounts to pay project related fees, eliminating the need for multiple check or credit card transactions.
    • Beginning this fall, customers will no longer be required to submit plan revisions for the purpose of addressing only minor unmet conditions. Unmet conditions that do not impact life safety items or other significant project components will be pushed to the inspection phase of the project and be required prior to Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion.
    • To further assist customers in navigating through the City’s digital plans review platforms, the City is offering Digital Plans Review training sessions. Attendees will learn how to most effectively utilize ProjectDox and our new digital platform. To sign up for one of these training sessions, please visit http://www.cityoforlando.net/permits/digital-plans-review-training-sessions.

* Many thanks to Brooke R. Bonnett with the City of Orlando for sending an email earlier today, outlining these changes.

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