by lowndes

A divorce is typically a highly emotional and traumatic experience for the spouses and their children, often complicated further by business ownership, real estate and other asset holdings, intricate trust structures, and high net worth. We are here to counsel our clients with these challenges that make navigating the marriage dissolution process even more complex.

When talking about multi-million-dollar net worth, financial discussions often become contentious through separation and divorce. Our attorneys have experience working with financial experts in valuing a wide variety of assets, including real property and business interests, and have experience arguing for, and defending against, claims for alimony.

Similarly, spouses are often combative when discussing children’s issues such as financial support and time-sharing (historically known as “custody” and “visitation”) – and many spouses are not aware of the evolving laws. We counsel our clients with regard to child support and the court-required “Parenting Plan” that lays out the time-sharing schedule each parent will have with the minor children, along with the rights and responsibilities of each parent. Because of our experience drafting and negotiating these documents, we can help clients develop a detailed Parenting Plan that allows for flexibility and active co-parenting while at the same time minimizes any confusion that may subsequently arise between the parties regarding responsibility for the children. In addition, if circumstances change or subsequent conflict arises regarding its terms, we can assist a parent in seeking a modification of the Parenting Plan.

We also deal extensively with conflicts arising out one parent’s proposed relocation with a minor child, whether petitioning for approved relocation or opposing such a petition – whether local, out of state, or out of the country.

While we strive to provide our clients with cost-effective and fair resolutions during their divorce – and we believe in alternative dispute resolution whenever appropriate, our civil trial litigators are experienced and skillful advocates for clients in court when trial is unavoidable. Most importantly, whether in arbitration, mediation, negotiating a private settlement, or trial, our attorneys have the utmost regard for confidentiality, privacy and the client’s ultimate objectives.