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The Restaurant Services group was formed to answer the special questions and needs of business interests who find themselves in need of timely and relevant food service industry information on future trends and opportunities. Developing a successful restaurant venture — whether it is a single unique restaurant or partnering with a chain of retail mixed-use purveyors — requires a sophisticated analysis of profits and pitfalls.

The RSG provides legal advice on a national, statewide and local level in all areas of real estate to restaurant franchisees and franchisors, including acquisitions, sales, financing, leasing, environmental issues, licensing, workouts and development. The RSG attorneys have extensive experience in every phase of restaurant development, from assisting with the site selection and DRI approvals to structuring the most advantageous business entity for tax purposes.

In addition, the team includes experienced labor and employment law attorneys who are well versed in the review, preparation and administration of personnel policy manuals, drug and alcohol testing programs, arbitration agreements and collective bargaining agreements. Legal issues associated with polygraphs, information disclosure, employee screening and wage/hour investigations are also areas of RSG concentration. A major focus of the RSG is the documentation and procedure review necessary to finance acquisition, construction and operation of restaurant, hotel and resort developments. Everything from conventional financing techniques to creative approaches which may include syndicated partnerships and REITs, is brought into the analysis and consideration by the RSG team. We have extensive experience in workout arrangements for multi-million dollar transactions involving multiple franchisors, lenders and others, providing increased cash flow and preventing closures. We have assisted in the formation of new restaurant concepts to protect the investor from liability, to create a structure that motivates management through an equity interest, and to provide preferred payouts to “angel” investors. We also help in lease negotiations, trademark registration, construction concepts and provide other legal assistance to help launch concepts.

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