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A number of Lowndes attorneys have direct experience in the industry and advise clients from an insider’s perspective on the wide-ranging and complex issues affecting their businesses. Client representations include:

  • Software development and licensing
  • Computer system hardware sales, acquisitions and support
  • Medical device development agreements
  • Satellite hardware and services agreements
  • Information system outsourcing agreements
  • Information system and facilities management agreements
  • Engineering service agreements
  • Technology co-development and joint venture agreements
  • Internet transactions and information provider agreements
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of technology companies
  • Private placements and initial public offerings of the securities of technology-related companies
  • Other financial transactions involving technology-related businesses
  • Content licensing

Getting a product to market in today’s world typically involves contractual relationships with other entities and we provide guidance on those relationships including non-disclosure agreements, development agreements, independent contractor arrangements, intellectual property protection, manufacturing, invention agreements, licensing and marketing and sales relationships, other agreements related to commercialization. Whether hardware development, supply chain, manufacturing, software development, telecommunications, medical devices, or e-commerce based business, we provide counsel for startup, product to market, exploitation issues, exit strategy planning and monetization transaction.

In addition to our experienced technology counsel, we use a team approach crossing multiple disciplines – including attorneys focusing on corporate, intellectual property, taxation, and employment issues – to manage the complexity of technology-related transactions and businesses. We also assist clients in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and, when necessary, litigation of technology-related disputes.

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