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Title Insurance

Our firm serves as an agent for the issuance of owner’s and mortgagee title policies for every major title underwriter in the United States. The issuance of policies arises naturally in the course of the firm’s representation of developers, lenders, and homeowners in the acquisition and development of real property and the mortgage lending which arises therefrom. Our attorneys have the ability to deal with the title underwriters on behalf of their clients to resolve exception and endorsement issues. As part of the process, the firm examines abstracts of title and negotiates the terms of title commitments.

In the area of title insurance claims litigation, the firm was the first in Florida to set up a department specifically for this practice area. We have represented every major national title underwriter on behalf of their insureds in bringing quiet title actions, probate actions, declaratory judgment actions, boundary dispute actions and similar-type suits to resolve defects in title. Our firm has also represented title underwriters in coverage and defalcation matters. As a result of its contacts among the title underwriters, the firm is often able to facilitate an amicable and cooperative resolution of title claims by the firm’s other clients through intervention with the title underwriters.
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