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Appellate Law

Our attorneys have handled appeals in federal and state appellate court forums, in almost every area of law. Several of our attorneys have participated in judicial clerkships at and with the United States Court of Appeals and the Florida District Courts of Appeal, augmenting their knowledge of the internal workings and procedures of the federal appeals courts as well as with Florida rules of the appellate procedure.

The range of our appellate experience varies from appeals of final orders and judgments of trial courts, appeals of non-final orders, appellate motion practice, oral argument, petitions for writs of certiorari, jurisdictional briefs, and appeals of decisions of local governments and administrative boards and tribunals to lower courts, as prelude to appellate court review.

We frequently advise and coordinate with the litigation attorneys within and outside of our firm to protect the appellate record, help evaluate procedural and evidentiary advantages and, when appropriate, assist with an appeal.

Additional resources include a complete law library, full access to computerized research, and a firm-maintained research file of memoranda cataloguing prior appellate and research projects. This helps contain costs associated with litigation and appellate review.
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