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Timeshare Services

Successful development and management of a timeshare project requires total dedication to innovation, efficiency and quality service from both the standpoint of the developer and their legal counsel.

The attorneys serving the timeshare industry have extensive experience in all aspects of timeshare development and provides legal services to its clients in the following areas:

Property Acquisition & Development
Our experience in all areas of real estate acquisition, land use and development, including zoning, developments of regional impact, concurrency and consistency issues under Florida’s Comprehensive Planning laws and all aspects of environmental law is broad and deep. We have developed a wide network of contacts within the governmental and regulatory agencies at federal, state and local levels to assist in obtaining information and processing land use approvals and resolving environmental problems.

Condominium Filing & Regulatory Agencies
The development and sale of timeshares is heavily regulated. We have knowledge of the requirements of the law and the informal policies of the Florida Division of Land Sales and can skillfully prepare and obtain approval of timeshare projects and advise our clients on the variety of regulatory issues that arise in developing timeshare projects.

Marketing & Sales
We have drafted and negotiated all manner of agreements with respect to the marketing and sale of timeshare interests, including agreements between developers and third-party marketing and sales firms, sales and commission agreements, tour provider agreements, remote sales facility agreements and various promotion, travel and incentive agreements.

Management & Shared Facilities Agreements
We have experience with all aspects of timeshare management and operation and the regulations that govern the same. We have drafted and negotiated various forms of facilities use agreements, including those between timeshare resorts and hotel resorts.

Escrow Agent Services
The receipt, investment and disbursement of escrow deposits on timeshare sales must be done in strict conformity with the applicable provisions of the law. We are well acquainted with the requirements for establishing and maintaining purchaser deposit and tax escrow accounts for timeshare condominium projects. We use specially designed accounting software to track and disburse the numerous purchaser deposits which are received on a timeshare project. We have established policies and procedures designed to quickly account for the status of an individual deposit and to verify collection and facilitate disbursement.

Timeshare Closings
We have detailed policies and procedures for processing timeshare closings for recording and disbursement. The firm has established relationships with title companies in the state to provide quick, cost-efficient title searches throughout Florida and has established internal procedures and timetables which enable the firm to review, process and record closing documents within a consistent time frame.

We are well versed on the documentation and procedures necessary to facilitate mortgage receivables financing, and can negotiate and prepare the documents necessary to facilitate such financing arrangements. We are able to rely on existing procedures and documentation to provide services in connection with mortgage receivable funding transactions in a cost-efficient manner.

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