Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Services
by lowndes

Intellectual property (IP) is becoming a critical differentiator in business today, and it has never been more vital to develop sound strategies to procure, protect and leverage IP assets. Companies also realize the integral importance of the use and protection of technology, software and the Internet in their businesses; their competitive viability depends on it.

Clients look to the firm both for building IP portfolios and enforcing their patents in IP litigation alike. We enable clients to shape IP strategies that help achieve their business objectives. Some examples of the services we offer to protect, use, and exploit the IP rights of our clients include:

  • Protection of IP assets including registration of trademarks and copyrights and patent applications in selected technologies
  • Licensing of IP, software, technology and media assets
  • Business IP property rights audits
  • Counsel and organization of internal procedures protection, standards and practices
  • Patent and trademark infringement analysis and opinions
  • Due diligence studies for corporate transactions
  • Distributorship agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Litigation

For questions or more information, please contact Jon M. Gibbs, Chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Services Group.