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Board nixes Denton Cove appeal

January 16, 2020 — The Willie Speed board room in Eastpoint Monday night was emptier and quieter than it was 11 months ago, when a packed house of Apalachicola neighbors gave the school board a standing ovation for its rejecting a settlement offer to sell...

Here's What You Need To Know About Protecting Trade Secrets

January 15, 2020 — What do you do when a key employee leaves and you believe he/she has taken your company’s trade secrets to a competitor? Or when a strategic business partner uses your trade secret information to compete against you?

Industry News Briefs

January 15, 2020 — Opportunity zones were introduced in 2017 as part of President Trump’s tax reform bill. Taxpayers with capital gains can receive several tax benefits if the taxpayers take those capital gains and invest them in a qualified opportunity fund.

Member Spotlight: Shawn G. Rader

January 15, 2020 — I joined the Lowndes law firm in Orlando, Florida in June 1980. I am now a senior partner at the firm and fourth in longevity at the firm among the 77 practicing attorneys.

Will Your Business Be Affected By the New California Privacy Law

January 15, 2020 — The first communication between two computers occurred on October 29, 1969. One computer was located at UCLA and the other at Stanford. One communicated to the other “LOGIN” and it promptly crashed after receiving “LO”. From this humble beginning, the Internet was born.

Judge rules for Denton Cove

January 09, 2020 — An affordable housing project dating back seven years, one that prompted Apalachicola neighborhood activists to rise in opposition, and led to a protracted legal fight in both federal and state courtrooms, got a crucial, and perhaps final, go-ahead

FL School Districts Still Lack Clarity on Medical Marijuana Policies

January 08, 2020 — Florida’s medical marijuana market has been wrought with legal and political battles since its inception. Implementing the state’s medical marijuana policies has presented questions for many organizations, including local school districts and parents of patients.

Cannabis Conundrum: No Federal Trademark Protections Without Federal Legalization

January 07, 2020 — Despite the trend of state legalization of cannabis and overwhelming market attention paid to cannabis companies, owners of cannabis businesses still cannot obtain federal trademark protection for their cannabis related brands.

Lake County and Mount Dora Consider Rule Changes Impacting Airbnbs

January 03, 2020 — With the growth of Airbnbs and web-based lodging platforms, Mount Dora and Lake County are both looking at common sense solutions to bring regulations up-to-date regarding B&B operations and tax collections.

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